The Battle for Trophy is a Upcoming .Object show Made By ChalkJ16,the show will have good animation,new characters

ChalkJ16 Confirmed on his DA That episode 5-Present will be Animated in Adobe Flash


  • Arrow (11th)
  • Burger
  • Chip
  • Cup
  • Envelope
  • Heart (12th)
  • M&M (Returning from Object Stranded)
  • Medal (10th)
  • Scroll
  • Star
  • Water
  • Tire


  • Wii U


  • The Battle for Trophy is one of Object shows to be animated in anime studio pro, Which Later is now Animated in Adobe Flash
  • The show name was Originaly going to be called:"Fight for a Trophy" but it was changed beacuse ChalkJ16 thought that previous name was Dumb.
  • this is also one of shows that do not use BFDI mouths,Instead this show uses II Mouths
  • although that BFDI Mouths were used in episode 3 - Present.
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