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Hello, this is Bfdi is the best's BFDI(A) Hurt And Heal Season 1. And this Hurt And Heal consists of 31 characters from BFDI and BFDIA. Here they are!



Everyone starts with 400 lives. The max live a contestant can get is 2000 lives.

Contestant Num. of Lives
Coiny 400
Firey 400
Needle 400
Spongy 400
Rocky 621
Woody 400
Tennis Ball 400
Golf Ball 450
Snowball 400
Pen 400
Match 350
Pencil 690
Bubble 400
Ice Cube 100
Leafy 452
Blocky 400
Eraser 400
Pin -21 (Dead)
Teardrop 400
David 400
Flower 240
Donut 349
Dora 400
Puffball 400
Yellow Face 400
Book 400
Nickel 400
Bomby 400
Gelatin 749
Fries 400
Ruby 400

Types of Hurt and Heals[]

As you might not know, this HAH will have 9 types of Hurt and Heal. They are:

Normal Hurt: -1 life/Normal Heal: +1 life

Average Hurt: -5 lives/Average Heal: +5 lives

Great Hurt: -10 lives/Great Heal: +10 lives

Mega Hurt: -20 lives/Mega Heal: +20 lives 

Alpha Hurt: -50 lives/Alpha Heal: +50 lives

Super Hurt: -100 lives/Super Heal: +100 lives (Locked)

Ultra Hurt: -200 lives/Ultra Heal: +200 lives (Locked)

Deadly Hurt: -500 lives/Ultra Heal: +500 lives (Locked)

MLG Hurt: -1000 lives/MLG Heal: +1000 lives (Locked)

Read these things below before going crazy Hurt and Heal innocent objects[]

You can Hurt and Heal once every 4 hours.

There will be no rejoins, so if your favourite contestant is dead, say goodbye to them forever.

After 7 contestants are dead, another type of Hurt and Heal is unlocked.

If you misspelled a contestant's name wrong, your Hurt and Heal will not be count.

Have fun Hurt and Healing them!