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  • A - The Main Protagonist
  • B - The Rather Sarcastic Guy
  • C - The Cool Dude
  • D - The Happy-Go-Lucky
  • E - The Naive Pessimist
  • F - The Overrated Jerk
  • G - The Beautiful Musician
  • H - The Pathetic Dude
  • I - The Cheery One
  • J - The Hyperactive Woman
  • K - The Nice One
  • L - Mr.Smart
  • M - The Worried and Alert
  • Arch - The Party Rocker
  • O - The Overworker
  • P - The Shy Type
  • Q - The Questionable
  • R - The Dumb Hypocrite
  • S - The Mad Joker
  • T - The Suspicious
  • U - The Nice Pushover
  • V - The Vampire
  • W - The Goody-Go-Round
  • X - The Knife Clone
  • Y - Mrs.Bossy
  • Z - The Evil Contestant


Episode 1: Scrambled Letters

Q: Hey N!

Arch: Wait, who's N?

Q: You are.

Arch: Well, I have a nickname I want other people to call me. From now on, you have to refer to me as Arch, not N.

Q: But you look nothing like an arch...

Arch: Easy for you to say! That's the fun of it.

Q: I'm confused.

Arch: You shouldn't be.


X: *walks*

O: Hey, stupid?

X: Huh?

O: Do you want to the know how much you smell? I bet you’re weak!

X: Why you....

(Both of them fight while A eats popcorn.)


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