The 100th OC is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230, and the 100th one made.


The 100th OC is a small piece of paper that is a mix of red and pink. She has both arms and legs. On her body, there is red text that says “100th OC!”, another reminder that she is the 100th OC ButterBlaziken230 has made.


She is a very smart person. Whenever she’s walking around, she likes to study little things and work out the numbers and such. When she’s not doing this, she is a person who loves to have fun and celebrate. She doesn’t even have any enemies because of the way she balances her kindness, unlike Firey Picture.


  • She is based off of JoeJoe’s 100th OC.
  • Her favourite food are apples.
  • Her favourite movie is Toy Story.
  • Her best friend is Carroty.
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