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TheSerbianThingyEst2018 The Most Biggest Video Ever

But Yugostarsuitcase Got Vacaction 4 Times or Last Year 2018 Video

Likes : Remove Kebab, Paki, The Anderson Family, Roblox, OpenRA, Police Call 911 Serve, etc.

Dislikes : STUPID FUCKING BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA ASS!!!!, Non-English is Vietnam, Call "TheSerbianThingyEst2018kiko (IS NOT JAPAN! SEROUSLY!?), Calling Prank (April Fools Only), Weather Warning, Fortnite, Free Robux, 2 Yugostarsuitcase Imposter, etc.

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This Vyond Character During Grounded Videos

At Watching Video Evil Look (Clone) Gets Grounded This 2 Ep. Really Poor

History :

At November 2018 He Made Channel Name LiyFranceYesSomaliaNo

This Made On My First Video Ever

But Has Been Changed Name "Yugostarsuitcase"

He Made Video But Ran Out Of Idea And Go To Vacaction To Hong Kong

And Gets Is Back... In December 2018 Me Go To Vacaction Again To Springfield, Missouri

But How Did December 31th 2018 Close This Channel Last Year

In Jan. 1st 2019 Name "TheSerbianThingyEst2018"

Can I Into Object Show?


Can I Into Space


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