The-Blue-Ball-Above-All is the strongest character in this wiki to ever exist.

Some stuff about him

He is beyond unbeatable, undefeatable, unkillable and inmortal. He is present inevery place you know of and don't know of. He was always there even before nothing existed. He is everything and also nothing that did exist and didn't exist. He is the strongest you have heard of, and will heard of. Not even no one is match for him, because of how powerful and strong he is. Everyone who says that they or their characters can defeat him are just liars and needs to be killed instantly by TBBAA himself.

This Ball is not of this world.

It is neither machine, nor truly alive, and thus it can never die.

It is the antithesis of life.

It is the void in which existence itself is meaningless, and hence suffers eternal hunger. A hunger for the life it can never aspire to.

It's insatiable appetite is for souls, and yours will do nicely.

He is every pain you have ever felt, and every illness you have ever feared.

He is all your darkest secrets, and some that you have yet to discover.

He is everything and nothing.

He is the future.

He is the Omega.

He is slightly blue, and somewhat bouncy

They say if you stare into the abyss for long enough, the abyss stares back. If you 
stare at this ball for long enough, it will not only stare back, but feast upon our 
eye balls from the inside as well.


  • Has sucesfully defeated then killed and finally erased from existence Dark Red Ball, Mars and Oshawott once.
  • Solos anyone who insults him or says something bad or false about him.
  • Is above any, all and every character on this wiki no matter what.
  • Might be added to Godmodes wiki soon...
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