Tennis Racket is a female contestant in Object Universe. She was a member of Team Ice Cream.


Blast into Space

In Blast into Space, Tennis Racket is first seen with TV and Windowy. She is annoyed by TV. She told TV that he is so impatient, but he was just asking. In the first challenge, Tennis Racket fell down off the balance beam along with other contestants who failed.

Afraid of Heights

In Afraid of Heights, Tennis Racket was eliminated with 23 votes, making her the first contestant eliminated.

Revived Rivals

In Revived Rivals, Tennis Racket gains arms in that episode. Out of the total 758 votes, she didn't rejoin because she got 46 votes, placing her 8th in the rejoin.


  • Tennis Racket was the first contestant to be eliminated in Object Universe.
  • There is also a OC called Rackety and a character from Inanimate Objects 3 called Racket. Like this character, they are tennis rackets.


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