Here is some info about me that I put on the wiki because I can't really explain.

—Tellegull, Camp Forest challenge 1

Tellegull was a contestant on Camp Forest, a camp with a strange backstory. He used to be friends Camera and now just wants to be alone.


(original design) Tellegull is a light grey box television with a black screen, 2 white eyes, and 2 small transparent blue wings.

(later in Camp Forest) He now is all red, what used to be light grey is now a bright red along with the eyes and still transparent wings. his screen is a dark red.

(now) Tellegull seems the same but now he is larger than his younger self and has a few crakcs on his screen. One of his antennae is snapped down while the other is completely cut off. He now has a robotic leg and transparent white eyes. His face may also ocasonally glitch



To be added


  • In Camp forest, he switched teams twice so that the people he switched with would be on the team they wanted to be on.
    • However, Tellegull was now seperated from his friends on the other team.
  • He was the first person to find out the backstory of Camp Forest and the purpose of Basin hosting it.
  • He is actually called an 'objectimal' and is from a custom event.
  • It is currently unknown why Tellegull is now a rude and meanish person who doesn't want to be with friends.
  • He is confirmed for the 3rd season of METAL (another camp)
    • This will be Nether's 3rd try at this camp as she participated as Ring and Ruby.
    • Tellegull will break the chain of ocs made by Nether to participate in this camp by the fact that her other ocs who competed in this camp beguin with the letter 'R'
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