Do you guys even care? She was my friend, and she's dead now.
~ Teapot on Breaking the Mold

Teapot is a female contestant on Object Lockdown.


Teapot is a purple ceramic teapot with a lid.


Teapot has a very short temper, and because of her temper she doesn't have many friends. Without her temper though, she is a really nice person and loves to help out others. Her best friend is Diamond.

Volcanic Excitement

Teapot does not appear in this episode.

Rapping it Up

She finishes the challenge off screen. At the end of the episode, She talks to Diamond saying that she won at Pattycake.

The Cream of the Crop

Teapot appears when Fire Extinguisher is about to explain the challenge. Later, she appears when Snowboard says to make high quality ice cream. Teapot's team lost the challenge and Cone put her up for elimination.

Not Your Forte

Teapot is shown with a very sad face when Lock says that the final 2 is Limey and Teapot, and one of them being eliminated. Teapot is the last one safe with 296 dislikes. When Berry asks who knows how to play an instrument, she is shown. She then tells Bucket to play the saxophone. When Bucket plays the saxophone, Teapot has a very impressed look on her face. Then Teapot says that she's really impressed. When Pumpkin messes up the performance, Teapot gets mad.

Breaking the Mold

When Fire Extinguisher is about to explain the challenge, Teapot appears. Then when the challenge IS explained, Teapot appears again. Teapot is then seen walking to Umbra Forest with some other contestants and Fire Extinguisher. Later, Teapot is seen with Diamond talking about how they won't lose. Teapot then sees Diamond die, and then she starts to get angry.

Vote History

Episode Likes Dislikes
Not Your Forte 129 296
Breaking the Mold 0 0
Revive and Survive 141 192
Constructive Criticism 158 158


Human Name

  • Teagan Sweeney (Ze Tossere)

Where Teapot is from

  • Wigan, England, U.K. (moved to Denver, Colorado at age 12) (Ze Tossere)


  • January 23, 1994 (Ze Tossere)


  • English-American (English father and American mother) (Ze Tossere)


  • Teapot has received the most dislikes out of any contestant, at 646 total dislikes across three lockdown sessions.


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