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Team 8 is one of three teams on Object Twoniverse. It consists of USB, Mii U, IcicleAtlas and Propeller Hat. The team was originally called Team Oldie, until Window decided that Team 8 sounded better, when Atlas asked Window the meaning behind that, Window claims that it would ruin it. The reasoning for this name is likely because all five members of this team debuted in I Have a Car For No Apparent Reason, the eighth episode in Object Universe. At present, they have yet to lose a challenge.

Competing Members

Eliminated Members


  • Window chose Team 8 instead of Team Oldie because all of the teams members were introduced in Episode 8 of Object Universe.
  • Icicle is the only female remember on the team.
  • Propeller Hat called Team 8 "swaggers" in episode four. It is likely because of his internet slang.
  • So far, Team 8 is the only team that has an eliminated member without being up for elimination.
  • It is also the only team with a dead member, aside from Team Strength.
  • All of Team 8 is voiced by the same person, being Samuel Thornbury (TeenChampion). 

The Team in Action

Icicle is free!

Icicle is finally free.

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