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Tack was a contestant on Object Land. There is another Tack in Object Madness, who leads Team B (possibly). The OL Tack is also a contestant in Object Division.


In Object Land and Object Division, he is a pure recolor of Pin from Battle for Dream Island, just being blue instead of red.

The OMN Tack is similar to the Object Land/Division design, but is more smoother.

The SITASN Tack is hand drawn, and more boxy.

Fan Fiction[]

Where Tack is from[]

  • Kansas City, Missouri (MrFlamerBoy)


  • As seen in Object Land, Tack hates being referred to as Pin from BFDI.
  • According to the Object Land wiki page[1], Tack is a gary stu, Object Madness Tack, however, is more balanced and fleshed out.
  • In Object Division, Tack does not like being called Pin, so he slaps the person who called him that, similar to how needle hates being called needy.