Wheely: Welcome to Total Wheely Airlines, the show where 20 objects go in to planes and do challenges, if you want a full list of characters, go to the main page, otherwise let's go!

Wheely Fields

Snowball: so why are you here?
Wheely: to take part in my show
Match: yeah, but like, why?
Wheely: because all the others ran away
Hammer: Then lets just run away right now
Butter: oh ok...
Wheely: Anyway, this challenge will take place in Washington D.C., Maryland, hop into your planes, they are Boeing 707s, i'll explain the challenge once you get there, see ya.
  • The contestants fly over to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C., Maryland

Wheely: ok, so your all here, i'll explain the challenge:
  • There are 14 chests hidden round the city, you'll have to grab one with the grabber claws in your cargo door--
Boat: How can you afford this?
Wheely: I pay Boeing for this
Boat: OH...
Wheely: ANYWAY:
  • --the first person to obtain a chest shall receive a Kanohi Kakama, the mask of speed, it will come in handy in the next challenge, you have as much time as you can, just get the 14 chests back here.
Wheely: Ready? GO!

Paintbrush: so where can i find chest round here
Hammer: aha! i found one!
Wheely: well one, hammer, you get the kanohi
Hammer: alright!
Match: ok, slaves, get to work, i want to be, like, safe
Slave: we found one
Match: Good!
Wheely: and match is in 2nd

some time passes

Wheely: and were down to the final 7, only one more safe spot left
Paintbrush: i got one
Wheely: ok, lets see the scoreboard
Contestant Status
Hammer Safe
Kite Safe
Snowball Safe
Pear Safe
Blender Safe
Paper Aeroplane Safe
Match Safe
Banana Safe
Bugspray Safe
Tennis Racket Safe
Ice Cream Safe
Sharpener Safe
Camera Safe
Paintbrush Safe
Wardrobe UFE
Febreze UFE
Butter (BFF) UFE
Marshmallow UFE
Boat UFE

the contestants have voted, and the results shall be revealed tomorrow!


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