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TV Channel Objects (formerly Eurovision Objects) is an fan-fiction made by Undhee, with an help by NLG343/nemolee.exe.

This was created in May 14, 2016 at 05:26 UTC. NLG343/nemolee.exe started to help with this fan-fiction since January 30, 2017. it gets revived since then.

Episode Structure

(The only episode that skated over this is Episode 2, where Episode 3 recapped Episode 1.)

  1. Recap
  2. Cold open
  3. Intro(?)
  4. Episode content
  5. Ending


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Main (European TV channels)

The rest will be added later.

  • BBC (Male) (British/English (UK), Nice, the nicest one in this)
    • BBC One (Female) (British/English (UK))
    • BBC Two (Male) (British/English (UK))
  • Rai (Male) (Italian, Nice, makes italian food)
    • Rai 1
    • Rai 2
    • Rai 3
  • RTVE (Male) (Spanish, Nice)
    • La 1 (Male) (Spanish, Nice, Scientist)
    • La 2 (Female) (Spanish, Nice, Sings well)
  • Channel One Russia (Male) (Russian, Nice)
  • MTVA (Female) (Hungarian, Smart, Scientist)
    • M1
    • M2
    • M3
    • Duna
  • TF1 (Female) (French, Kind, Has an alliance called The French Alliance)
  • TRT (Male) (Turkish, Mean/Selfish)
    • TRT 1
  • Canal+ (Female) (French, Nice, best friends with TF1, member of The French Alliance)
  • ARD (Male) (German, Nice, is ZDF's best friend)
    • Das Erste (Male) (German, Kind, hates ZDF, ARD's Love Interest)
  • Telewizja Polska (Female) (Polish, Nice)
    • TVP1
    • TVP2
  • SRG SSR (Female) (Swiss, Kind)
    • SRF (Male) (Swiss, Strict, hates his mom, speaks german)
    • RTS (Switzerland) (Female) (Swiss, her only daughter, enemies with the Serbian RTS, speaks french)
    • RSI (Male) (Swiss, Smart, speaks Italian)
    • RTR (Male) (Swiss, Nice, enemies with VGTRK, speaks Romansh)
  • RTP (Male) (Portuguese, Nice, frenemies with Rede Globo)
    • RTP1
    • RTP2
    • RTP3
  • UA: Pershyi (Male) (Ukrainian, Insane)
  • VGTRK (Female) (Russian, Nice, Channel One Russia's love interest)
    • Russia 1
  • RTV San Marino (Male) (San Marino, Kind, Rai's best friend)
  • RTÉ (Male) (Irish, Nice, BBC's enemy)
    • RTÉ1
    • RTÉ2
  • France Télévisions (Male) (French, Smart, member of The French Alliance)
    • France 2
    • France 3
    • France 4
    • France Ô
    • La 1ère
  • NPO (Female) (Dutch, Kind)
    • NPO 1
    • NPO 2
    • NPO 3
  • RTBF (Female) (Belgian, Nice, TF1's Love Interest)
  • ZDF (Male) (German, Smart/Perverted)
  • VRT (Male) (Belgian, Kind, Mean to TF1 because RTBF is going to be his love interest)
  • TVR (Male) (Romanian, Smart, Has a younger brother called TVR International)
    • TVR1 (Male)
    • TVR2 (Male)
    • TVR3 (Female)
  • Mega Channel (Male) (Greek, Just like Spongy)
  • Ant1 (Male) (Greek, Smart)
  • DR (Female) (Danish, Kind)
    • DR1 (Male)
    • DR2 (Female)
    • DR3 (Male)
  • SVT (Female) (Swedish, Smart/Strict)
    • SVT1 (Female)
    • SVT2 (Male)
  • ORF (Male) (Austrian, Kind)
    • ORF eins
    • ORF 2

Asian TV channels

  • East Asian
    • SBS (Female) (South Korea, Nice)
    • KBS (Female) (South Korea, Valley Girl)
    • MBC (Male) (South Korea, Kind/Strict/Smart, Is SBS's Love Intrest)
  • Southeast Asian
    • ABS-CBN (Female) (Filipino, Nice)
    • GMA (Male) (Filipino, Mean/Selfish)
    • TV5 (Male) (Filipino, Happy)
    • Channel 5 Singapore (Male) (Singaporean, Nervous)
    • OKTO (Female) (Singaporean, Kind/Smart, sometimes clumsy)
    • MNCTV (Male) (Indonesian, Kind)
    • RTM (Male) (Malaysian, Strict)
      • TV1 (Malaysia)
      • TV2 (Malaysia)

North American TV channels

  • NBC (Male) (English (USA), Kind)
  • ABC
  • CBS

South American TV channels

  • Rede Globo (Male) (Brazilian, Nice, identical duo)
    • RBS TV
    • Rede InterTV
  • Rede Globo 2.0 (Male) (Brazilian, Nice, not an identical duo)

News channels

  • CNN (Male) (USA/English (USA), Nice/Strict)
  • RT (Male) (Russian, Selfish/Nice)

Other characters

Roleplay only characters


Character Gallery (made in powerpoint)

All the poses will be remade in (maybe later)

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