This article is about the recommended character from Battle for Dream Island. You may be looking for his counterpart from II.
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"Yay! Hee-hee, TV, you're such a good friend!" - Furry Ball
This character is popular, and they're loved by many fans, maybe even because they're the host, they won a show or they're super likable.

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"That's a TV ! - Spongy, Jacknjellify's How to Train Your Robot'
This character is a robot or a machine.

See BFDI wiki for detailed canon info.

TV was a male recommended character in BFDI. He would've join the competition but failed to join the game with only 13 votes to join. He once again failed to join in BFDIA, but was chosen to be the host, stated by Firey since he was the closest to the Announcer. He is currently a contestant in Battle for BFDI.


TV appears to be a flat-screen plasma (also widescreen) television. He has the ability to hide his feet and rest on the ground from the stand. He also can project images and videos on his display instead of his normal face.


While TV rarely speaks, he uses pictures and words to show how he's feeling and when he is talking to contestants. TV himself is often used by the other contestants to display information, stats, and Cake at Stake results.

In BFDI, TV dreams to win Dream Island. However, after realizing he only got 13 votes, which isn't enough to join, he shows an Announcer being crushed on his screen, indicating that TV is angry at him. Afterward, he is sent to the LOL.

In BFDIA, TV expresses major excitement when he becomes the host. In later episodes, he can be random and talks about things that just happened using words.

In BFB, TV is again mostly silent, though displays his emotions and feelings through visual aid on his screen. While TV has been rude before, such as when he told Robot Flower not to talk, he also sided with Robot Flower when she closed the signal in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want". TV, despite being mostly silent, is expressive and emotional, and maybe also snarky and has a sense of humor, as his voting icon is him displaying the word "don't", so that his voting message would be read as "don't type [E] to eliminate TV".

Starting in "Return of the Rocket Ship", he uses clips from previous episodes of BFDI-BFB to articulate full phrases instead of speaking.


Battle for Dream Island

The Reveal

In The Reveal, TV appears as one of the 30 recommended characters who had been hand-picked by hundreds. In his audition, he is playing the first Cake at Stake song. He's playing that music because he wants to participate in BFDI. He was recommended by 1191Bman, DragonBallNC, georgiaabigail2000, RedPansClubPenguin and TDPets1.

Reveal Novum

In Reveal Novum, TV shows him winning Dream Island, but he only got 13 votes which is not enough to join. TV was angry, and plays Announcer getting crushed, he was flung into the Locker of Losers along with the other recommended characters who failed to join.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

In Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, TV had a chance at joining the game, but he only got 287 votes, placing him 21st, which was close and didn't join. However, he was the host because he is the closest Announcer stated by Firey making him be excited.

Battle for BFDI

Getting Teardrop to Talk



TV was a team captain who managed to make it to the merge of the game and placed 16th place overall.


  • TV is one of two contestants who was a host, as Donut became a host after Four was multiplied by 0.
  • A very common mistake is that TV was supposed to appear with legs, but mainly he would be seen without them.


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