(A random character teleports in)

???: Hello there viewers. This is TUPRSS (Also known as The Ultimate Portal RPG Survival Show)! Where 20 Objects are competing for a prize! And i am your host, The Guide. And now, announcement time!

Announcement Time

(Rockbass listens to music)

Aciter: What kind of rock listens to music? A Rockbass!

Rockbass: That wasn't even a funny joke.

Aciter: Shut your mouth and listen to your Rock music, aka the type of music rocks listen to! (Ba dum tss)

(The Guide teleports in)

The Guide: Announcement for the Survival show, come quick!

Aciter: Oh boy!

(The Guide moves to other portals, announcing the survival show)

(30 minutes later)

The Guide: Allright, we've got everyone. Now let's see the list.


Name: Gender Object?: Species Limbs
Slime Male Yes Goo Slime None
Rabbit Male No White Rabbit Arms and Legs
Rockbass Male Yes Rocking Rock Arms and Legs
Sunshot Female Yes Sunflower Arms and Legs
Plankwoo Male Yes Levitating Plank Arms only
Dark A Male Yes Human Shadow Arms and Legs
Dark B Male No Bee of Darkness Legs only
Moonshot Female Yes Moonflower Arms and Legs
Icecle Male Yes Icicle Arms and Legs
Icycle Female Yes Icicle Arms and Legs
Cacti Female Yes Small Cactus Arms and Legs
Aciter Male Yes Acid Water Arms and Legs
Robo-Code Genderless No Robot Arms and Legs
Distortiony Male Yes Distortion Arms and Legs
Glitchy Male Yes Glitch Arms and Legs
Zank Genderless Yes Electro Tank Wheels only
Wonk Genderless Yes Hydro Tank Wheels only
Tark Genderless Yes Lunar Tank Wheels only
Fank Genderless Yes Pyro Tank Wheels only
Tempel Male Yes Lightstone Arms and Legs

Voting Time!

The Guide: Now we got that, thanks for watching. Vote here to vote which of these contestants are Team Captains, the 2 most voted contestants are team captains

Voting ends in January the 9th 2019.

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