Luranstar: Welcome back. We got 6 elimination votes and 9 rejoin votes.

Luranstar: Everyone is safe except for Garfield and Red Stinger

Luranstar: Garfield, despite you being ok at challenges, you're really lazy.

Luranstar: Red Stinger, you're a threat.

Luranstar: So, Garfield is safe at two and Red Stinger is out with four.

Red Stinger: This is CRAZY! I can't be eliminated this early! And I'm great at challenges!

Luranstar: Also, Enzo and Chicken Biscuit rejoin.


Luranstar: Okay you guys have stack blocks. The highest tower wins. Team Switch, sit one person out.

Bleh: Hmmm... Slime.

Luranstar: Okay, go!

Keemstar: Alright! We have to carefully place them. Me, Birb, Stupe, and Derpy stack. Everyone else straightens. Lamia is the tallest so we can stand on her. Go!

Dalas: When I make my videos, I get a writers block!

U4: Don't worry, I can make them straighter.

Birb: I can lift one block up with my wings... but I'm not very strong

Stupe: I can fly up with my plane!

Chicken Biscuit: Chicken!

Lamia: If I put Slime on Chicken Biscuit, it was taste even better! *puts it on and bites*

Chicken Biscuit: Chicken! *slap*

U4: Hm, I got an idea. *grab*

Derpy: U4! Don't fling me!

U4: *flings Derpy into Birb and knocks them into Stupe's plane*

Stupe: Alrig- Hey, something's stuck in the propeller! I'm gonna crash!

  • crashes into Bleh's tower*

luranstar: keemstar, your tower looks AWFUl you only did two

Keem: Oh.

luranstar: but Bleh has no tower, so you guys win

Keemstar: yeet

luranstar: also enzo is immune cause he didn't get any screen time this epiosde and I feel bad

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Who gets eliminated?

The poll was created at 00:31 on March 6, 2018, and so far 6 people voted.

Current Teams (Italics is team leader)

Team Driver: Keemstar, Birb, Stupe, Derpy, Garfield, Lamia, U4, Dalas, Chicken Biscuit

Team Switch: Bleh, Sans, 1-up, Chestpin, Slime, Pingu, Boku, Vince, SuperScratchKat, Enzo

Elimination Log

  • 36th - Steinback: Tryhard and uninteresting.
  • 35th - FAGS: Annoying and already seen enough of.
  • 34th - Terence: Bland and tryhard.
  • 33rd - Dew: Lest interesting of the team.
  • 32nd - Hitler: A controversial character.
  • 31st - Lurantis: Annoying person.
  • 30th - Stalin: Controversial, less than Hitler though.
  • 29th - Salazzle: Just made her minions do everything.
  • 28th - Fomantis: Someone voted for her 10 times.
  • 27th - Chainsaw Enemy: Kept yelling about killing.
  • 26th - Death Threat: All she said was death threats.
  • 25th - Tsareena: Was in the game too long.
  • 24th - Strong Bad: Wasn't hated, but kinda over-shined by others.
  • 23rd - Mr. Clean: Kinda bland and worst of the team.
  • 22nd - Toadstool: Lost most of her personality.
  • 21st - Camera: Acted like a huge pervert.
  • 20th - Red Stinger: Others were more popular.


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