Luranstar: alright it's late at night for me but we're doing this

Luranstar: we got 10 votes everyone except derpy and tsareena got 0 votes

Luranstar: whoever is safe gets a stick

Luranstar: anyways derpy you're safe at three and tsareena is out with seven

Tsareena: But I'm your queen! You can't take me down like that!

Derpy: I don't like Tree much, but this stick is nice.


Luranstar: The contest is to stay in the spooky forest. 4 from each team to go in. start

Snack Attack: Keem, Stupe, Derpy and Toadstool.

15: Chestpin, 1-up, Camera, Strong Bad.

Lezies: Bleh, Red Stinger, U4, Kat.

Keem: Alright Te-

Stupe: That's enough listening to you! We can do this ourselves! Right Derpy?

Derpy: Yeah, but for a different reason.

Toadstool: Lets get hunting! If they die they're out.


Red Stinger: Shut up! *throws petal at Chestpin*

Chestpin: THAT'S ***** SH*T! *Throws U4 at Red Stinger*

U4: Oh no she died. I can't aim.

Toadstool: *eats Chestpin*

1-up: *super jumps and lands on Toadstool* SPIT HER OUT

  • Chestpin and Toadstool both die*

Stupe: I'm gonna crash my plane into Strong Bad!

  • Stupe and Strong Bad both die*

Bleh: *kicks Camera in the water* I wonder what pictures she has...

1-up: Oh no a monster! *runs away*

Luranstar: Team 15 lost.

now you vote

Who gets eliminated?

The poll was created at 19:49 on February 23, 2018, and so far 8 people voted.

Current Teams (Italics is team leader)

Team Snack Star: Keemstar, Birb, Stupe, Derpy, Garfield, Lamia, Toadstool

Team 15: Sans, Camera, 1-up, Chestpin, Slime, Pingu, Boku, Strong Bad

Team Lezies: Bleh, Mr. Clean, Red Stinger, U4, Dalas, SuperScratchKat, Vince

Elimination Log

  • 36th - Steinback: Tryhard and uninteresting.
  • 35th - FAGS: Annoying and already seen enough of.
  • 34th - Terence: Bland and tryhard.
  • 33rd - Dew: Lest interesting of the team.
  • 32nd - Hitler: A controversial character.
  • 31st - Enzo: Random and bland.
  • 30th - Lurantis: Annoying person.
  • 29th - Stalin: Controversial, less than Hitler though.
  • 28th - Salazzle: Just made her minions do everything.
  • 27th - Fomantis: Someone voted for her 10 times.
  • 26th - Chicken Biscuit: Funny but got boring.
  • 25th - Chainsaw Enemy: Kept yelling about killing.
  • 24th - Death Threat: All she said was death threats.
  • 23rd - Tsareena: Was in the game too long.


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