Luranstar: hi we only got 5 votes

Luranstar: Birb and Garfield are the only two useful members here and they have no votes.

Luranstar: Lamia and Toadstool, you two will eat anything sweet, and maybe not even sweet for toad. But you two are safe.

Luranstar: Chicken Biscuit, you're out with 5 votes.

Chicken Biscuit: Chicken...

Lamia: No Chicken Biscuit! Don't!

Chicken Biscuit: Biscuit...

Birb: Toadstool, I don't like this, can you eat him?

Toadstool: No stop it


Luranstar: The next contest is to not die

Chestpin: Oh no too bad I killed everyone except my team.

Dalas: No you didn't we're still-

Chestpin: SHUSH!

Luranstar: Okay so Team Higher loses. The top two voted will leave the team and one will be chosen on to another team.

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Who gets eliminated?

The poll was created at 02:50 on February 19, 2018, and so far 14 people voted.

Current Teams (Italics is team leader)

Team $wag Star: Keemstar, Strong Bad, Stupe, Derpy

Team Snack Attack: Birb, Garfield, Lamia, Toadstool

Team Higher: Tsareena, Chainsaw, Sans, 1-up, Chestpin

The Nezis: Bleh, Death Threat, U4, Dalas

Team Sm0l: Camera, Slime, Pingu, Boku

Team Lesser: Mr. Clean, Red Stinger, SuperScratchKat, Vince


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