Luranstar: Welcome! We got 7 votes.

Luranstar: Tsareena and 1-up got zero votes.

Tsareena: Hm. I'm impressed.

1-up: I'm the guy!

Luranstar: Chainsaw and Sans got 1 vote each.

Chainsaw: GRRRRRR

Luranstar: And Salazzle got 5 votes.

Salazzle: What? Why! I was the one with my followers making us win!


Luranstar: Everyone except Terence, Dew, and Chestpin got 0 votes.

Luranstar: Terence, you got one vote. Idk why.

Luranstar: And you Dew got 2 votes. You weren't bad, but you were the least interesting of your team.

Luranstar: Anyway, Welcome back Chestpin! With 5 votes, you win!

Chestpin: Great... Now my team will pay for what they did to me.


The contest is to jump up and down on this trampoline. Whoever jumps the highest gets Chestpin, and the lowest is up for elimination.

Tsareena: Well, I guess I'm in charge now. I have the best legs here by far, so I'll jump up.

Keemy: Drink this 🅱️otion to jump high.

Stupe: I can just fly up!

Luranstar: No! That's cheating!

Stupe: Crap.

Birb: There goes my plan...

Bleh: Spin around! It's a combo move!

U4: I got this!

Slime: Bounce on me!

Lamia: Wait. (eats Slime) Now I can jump high!

Toadstool: No dum dum! Now I'm hungry...

Birb: JUMP!

Red Stinger: I can spin up.


Luranstar: Team Higher wins Chestpin! And Team Sm0l loses because SOMEONE killed them all.

Fomantis: Oh no! I'm scared!

Pingu: Noot Noot!

Boku: Oh forgot I was still in this thing.

Who gets eliminated?

The poll was created at 01:05 on February 18, 2018, and so far 24 people voted.

Current Teams (Italics is team leader)

Team $wag Star: Keemstar, Strong Bad, Stupe, Derpy

Team Snack Attack: Birb, Chicken Biscuit, Garfield, Lamia, Toadstool

Team Higher: Tsareena, Chainsaw, Sans, 1-up, Chestpin

The Nezis: Bleh, Death Threat, U4, Dalas

Team Sm0l: Camera, Slime, Fomantis, Pingu, Boku

Team Lesser: Mr. Clean, Red Stinger, SuperScratchKat, Vince


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