Red Stinger: Hello! We got 20 votes this time. That's a lot!

Red Stinger: I'm happy to say, all of you got at least one vote.

Star: Cool!

Red Stinger: Homsar, I'm sorry to tell you you are the guy who got 1 vote.


Red Stinger: Yellow Match and Star. You both got 2 votes. Not enough

We're now at our top 3. Bob you got 4 votes. Which isn't enough.

Bob: Oh no...

Red Stinger: Larry, you got 5. You don't rejoin

Larry: Awww... This isn't the one for me.

Red Stinger: Fomantis, you rejoin at 6 votes. Welcome back!


Red Stinger: We're gonna scramble up the teams. Into 3 teams of 5. Fomantis, Vsauce, and Nem can choose.

Fomantis: I'll take 8-ball.

Vsauce: Zwo! Come on down!

Nem: Stupe!

Fomantis: CP.

Vsauce: LC.

Nem: Battle!

(skipping this so my computer doesn't lag)

Red Stinger: Okay, teams are settled.


Red Stinger: Jump on this pad. Highest team wins! Last team is up for elimination.

Football: I'll jump! I'm skilled at this one.

Lost Connection: Uh... I'll do it.

Seven: I'll go! I did this before.


Red Stinger: So, Nem's team wins! Fomantis's team is okay, and Vsauce's team is up for elimination!


The poll was created at 01:01 on April 2, 2018, and so far 17 people voted.

Contestants Left

  • 8-ball (F)
  • BattleReviews (N)
  • Club Penguin (F)
  • Derpy (V)
  • Fomantis (F)
  • Football (F)
  • Garfield (V)
  • Lost Connection (V)
  • Luranstar (N)
  • Nemolee.exe (N)
  • Seven (N)
  • Stupe (N)
  • Toadstool (F)
  • Vsauce (V)
  • Zwobot (V)
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