Red Stinger: Hello! We got 9 votes this time.

Red Stinger: Lets start with the safe people. Safe at 0 votes are......

Seven: Wait! I use my secret advantage!

Red Stinger: Battle, Football, Vsauce, and Zwobot.

Red Stinger: Safe with 1 vote each are CP and Larry.

Red Stinger: Lost Connection, Seven. You each got the most votes.

Lost Connection: I can't lose again!

Seven: It's too soon.

Red Stinger: Wow what good reasons...

Red Stinger: Seven is out with 4 votes!

Seven: WHAT!?

Red Stinger: How's it feel 7? To be eliminated on the 7th episode? Your favorite number?

Seven: But!-

Red Stinger: But here. Your advantage was you don't get eliminated. You switch teams though, and get a disadvantage.


Red Stinger: Instead of you eating the eggs, the eggs eat you! You have to avoid the Eggys! If you get eaten by an Eggy, you lose!

8-ball: Okay! My plan is to kill the Eggys. Crash into them! Go!

Derpy: Fling me! We can crash into them!

Garfield: Do you need eggs in lasagna?

Luranstar: Shoot them! Double kill!

Nem: Uh, I have this bat...

Seven: I'm not that strong, but I'll try.

Stupe: Kamizaki!

Toadstool: I can just eat them...

Club Penguin: Hide! Out of site, out of mind.


Red Stinger: Toadstool's team wins. I'm shocked.

Who gets eliminated? (Top two leave the team)

The poll was created at 13:59 on April 1, 2018, and so far 9 people voted.

Contestants Left

  • 8-ball (T)
  • BattleReviews (LC)
  • Club Penguin (LC)
  • Derpy (T)
  • Football (LC)
  • Garfield (T)
  • Larry (LC)
  • Lost Connection (LC)
  • Luranstar (T)
  • Nemolee.exe (T)
  • Seven (T)
  • Stupe (T)
  • Toadstool (T)
  • Vsauce (LC)
  • Zwobot (LC)
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