Red Stinger: Welcome back! We got 8 votes. Not bad for a first count!

8-ball: What's the prize?

Red Stinger: Plant Food! From PvZ

Red Stinger: 8-ball, Derpy, Garfield, Luranstar, Nem, Star, and Stupe! You all got no votes! Here's your plant food.

Toadstool: This stuff makes me CRAZY.

Red Stinger: Now we're at the bottom two.

Fomantis: B-Bottom two?

Yellow Match: Oh my like like like candle wicks I hope it's not me.

Red Stinger: Fomantis, despite your stuttering, you're safe at 2 votes.

Fomantis: c:

Red Stinger: Yellow Match, you're out at 6 votes.

Yellow Match: Oh no! Doesn't my hair give me immunity?

Red Stinger: Nope.

Yellow Match: Oh no! This is like the end!


Red Stinger: Okay, stand on the surf board.

(everyone gets on)

Red Stinger: Good. Now race on the waves.

BattleReviews: Okay, go go go!

Bob Camera: Son of a snicker doodle...

Club Penguin: Wait, I have an idea. Sneak up behind them.

Larry: Hey LC, lets form an alliance!

LC: Sure!

Homsar: AAAAAAAA I'm a cool surfer 50x

Seven: Go go go! Me and CP are ahead already!

Vsauce: But I'm watch the fresh prince of bell air?

Zwobot: The water is too dangerous!

(The 5 closes are Seven, CP, Football, 8-ball, and Toadstool get close)

Football: We're almost there!

Toadstool: Alright, Final resort! (eats plants food)

(Toadstool's tonuge reaches out and eats Seven, CP, Football, and 8-ball)

Star: Toadstool! He's on our team! Stop chewing and spit him out!

Toadstool: (spits 8-ball to the finish line)

Red Stinger: Eh I guess I'll allow that.

Who gets eliminated?

The poll was created at 12:08 on March 30, 2018, and so far 14 people voted.

Contestants Left

  • 8-ball (T)
  • BattleReviews (LC)
  • Bob Camera (LC)
  • Club Penguin (LC)
  • Derpy (T)
  • Fomantis (T)
  • Football (LC)
  • Garfield (T)
  • Homsar (LC)
  • Larry (LC)
  • Lost Connection (LC)
  • Luranstar (T)
  • Nemolee.exe (T)
  • Seven (LC)
  • Star (T)
  • Stupe (T)
  • Toadstool (T)
  • Vsauce (LC)
  • Zwobot (LC)
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