Red Stinger: Welcome back! Last episode, we got 15 votes. Lets see who will go out.

Red Stinger: Welcome final 4. Lets do the elimination.

Red Stinger: Battle got immunity. He's safe.

Red Stinger: Cutie. Once again, you only got 1 vote. You're safe. Here's some cake.

Red Stinger: Nem and Garfield. You're the bottom two. This time, the votes were not very close. Nem is safe at 3. Garfield is out at 11!

Garfield: No! You can't eliminate me! I'm the last none user!

Red Stinger: Oh well. Bye bye!


Red Stinger: Your challenge is an obstacle course. I'll make this one more of a surprise. Go!

Battle: Why is there spinning here?

Cutie: These currents aren't that strong.



Battle: Climbing is easy.

Nem: So... Hit the ball? That's easy!

Cutie: Why's there a quiz now? That wasn't part of it?

Red Stinger: Go along with it. How much sun is a wall-nut?

Cutie: 50?

Red Stinger: Okay correct.


Red Stinger: So all you have to do is climb the pole and you win!

Nem: That's correct!

Cutie: How are you two here already!?

Battle: It's not that hard.

Nem: Now I will win!

Nem: Oh no I slipped! AAAAAAA

Red Stinger: So looks like Battle won, Cutie got 2nd, and Nem is last. You get 5, 3, and 1 votes respectively.


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