Red Stinger: Welcome back! We got 7 votes.

Red Stinger: Club Penguin and Nem got 0 votes. They are safe!

Red Stinger: Garfield got 3 votes.

Garfield: Really? This isn't good. I thought I had a lead.

Red Stinger: Bob, it was a close vote, but you got 4 votes. You lose.

Bob: Oh no! Not again!


Red Stinger: This challenge you will be trying to stay on a tower. You have to cross from side to side. If you fall, you have to restart. Last 3 are UFE! Go!

8-ball: Ohhh I'm too heavy! And I'm awful at balance!

BattleReviews: Alright... A little more... Perfect!

Club Penguin: This is gonna be too easy!

Garfield: I'm a cat! This will be easy to keep balance. Lemme take a nap first...

Nem: Steedy... Oh no! The wind!

Stupe: Alright... made it!

Toadstool: AAAAAAAA! I fell!

Red Stinger: Nem, Garfield, and Toadstool lost. But this time, it's gonna be a contestants vote! But you voters can vote for a debuter!

4-ball: I need something to do. Come on.

Russia: For glory!

Wormy: I would be a nice addition. Despite my size.

Cutie: I've never been on this show yet.

Steenee: What was that over there? Oh just another bird.

Brownfamily: I'll recommend... WAIT NO

Numpty: Stay safe around trains!

Chomper: I'm way better than Toadstool. Vote me!

(images soon)

Who debuts?

The poll was created at 22:20 on April 6, 2018, and so far 16 people voted.

Contestants Left

  • 8-ball
  • BattleReviews
  • Club Penguin
  • Garfield
  • Luranstar
  • Nemolee.exe
  • Stupe
  • Toadstool
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