Red Stinger: Welcome again! We got 18 votes.

Red Stinger: Seven, you only got 1 vote. You're safe.

Seven: Yay! People like me again!

Red Stinger: Toadstool, you got 2 votes. Still safe.

Toadstool: *ribbit* Cool!

Red Stinger: Football and Luranstar, you're the bottom two.

Red Stinger: Luranstar, you're safe at 6 votes. Football is out at 9.

Football: Oh no! I thought I could rush this, but I fumbled.


Red Stinger: With Football gone, you are the final 10! But that's about to change...

8-ball: You don't mean...

Red Stinger: Yup! They're gonna be a rejoin.

Red Stinger: To rejoin, you have to do a head stand. Whoever is head standing the longest wins. Go!

Homsar: AAAAAA! This is a bowlers block! (falls down)

Larry: Oh no, my head is too round! (falls)

Zwobot: Ooooh. AAAA! (falls)

Star: My hands are too small! I'm gonna fall!

Vsauce: Oh no! It's too sticky! (falls)

Star: I... I'm back!

Fomantis: Ow... This hurts... (falls)

Star: Uh oh! (falls)

Yellow Match: This is so like like like hard! (falls)

Red Stinger: Derpy, Bob, and Football are left!

Derpy: Talk about what? (falls)

Football: I'm... so close.

Bob: I can do this!

(2 hours later)

Football: NOOO! MY HANDS FELL ASLEEP! (falls)

Red Stinger: Bob rejoins!


Red Stinger: Drink 50 waters. Whoever does the least is UFE!


Red Stinger: Okay you four lost. Sorry this was rushed, I had to go to sleep!

Who gets eliminated?

The poll was created at 01:36 on April 3, 2018, and so far 18 people voted.

Contestants Left

  • 8-ball
  • Bob Camera
  • BattleReviews
  • Club Penguin
  • Garfield
  • Lost Connection
  • Luranstar
  • Nemolee.exe
  • Seven
  • Stupe
  • Toadstool
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