It’s here! After a considerably long hiatus, work has started on the second episode of The Struggle For Luxury, which is great. The transcript for the episode is below.


Gift: Whoa. I can’t believe that Waffle’s been eliminated!

Comic Pow: I figured he was gonna be eliminated very early on.

Gift: He was kind of a jerk, but the thought of us being up for elimination scared me.

Christmas Bauble: It scared us all.

Gift: Let’s up our game for the challenge!

Ring-Con: Which is now!

Gift: Already? We haven’t crammed enough filler into the beginning of the episode yet!

Ring-Con: Too bad.

Clock Hands (Houry): Our team hasn’t appeared yet!

Clock Hands (Minutey): Yeah, we want screentime.

Ring-Con: You’re cramming filler in right now, so go ahead.

Licorice: Whoo! Hey, viewers!

Spikey Square: Kids at home! Here’s a fun life hack! Drop your phone into the sink while water’s in it. It will make your phone have more storage and run faster!

Licorice: How dare you!

Chewing Gum: That’s just wrong!

Ring-Con: I’m actually going to get on with the episode. Today’s challenge is to eat the other team.

AirPod: WHAT!?

Spikey Square: Bruh. I’m sadistic and all, but what the fri-

Star Wand: Seriously, Ring-Con! You’re out of your mind!

Ring-Con: Do the challenge.

Star Wand: Why should I?

Gift: Because it’s the challenge! Don’t you want to win?

Star Wand: Doing something like that is simply insane, no matter the rewards! Besides, I won’t win anyway.

Ring-Con: Looks like I have no choice but to eliminate you.

Star Wand: WHAT!?

Ring-Con: Did you not find out that if you don’t do a challenge, elimination is the punishment?

Alien Monitor: But when did you tell us that?

Christmas Bauble: I’m going to eat people.

Ring-Con: Good. But Star Wand, goodbye.

More coming soon!

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