Rillers: Hi, welcome to the new TQOSE season, TQOSE 3 is cancelled, to long to introductions, but the challenge.


Rillers: I have a G E Lightbulb, I need 4 more, get me a G E Lightbulb to win, the last person that who's got me a G E Lightbulb will lose.

Snowball: Lets hook the lightbulb.

Pen: Yes, Snowball.

Rillers: The Budders is safe.

Lurantis: I can get it fast.

Rillers: TSSES is safe.

Flower: Get him a lightbulb.

Giant Flower: OK.

Rillers: Wow, that is a lightbulb as your size, but your safe.

Rillers: Grumpy Fools lost.


TSSES The Lurantis, WBFS, WFOR, Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Mr. Yokai, Anne Frank, Locker of Losers, Water, Eraser Roboty, Ball.

Grumpy Fools TowMatar, Taco, Syringe, Rita, Shake N Go Tongue McQueen, Shake N Go Brand New Mater, Jewel Train.

7teen Flower, Giant Flower, Match, Pencil, Ruby, WALL-E, WALL-E Plush, WALL-E Laptop, Elastigirl, Specklenose, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln.

The Budders Eraser, Snowball, Pen, Blocky, Oreo and Eeyore.

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