Book: I dreamed about The Incredibles 2.


Book: Donald Duck, Pie and Toothbrush had no votes.

Donald Duck: Wood kills ducks.

Pie: Really having a constats.

Toothbrush: Just having my imagination.

Book: Minecraftian is safe with 1.

Minecraftian: Like a second chance.

Book: Cutiesunflower is eliminated with 4.

Cutie: Aw, I always make good OCs.


Book: Jewel Train, Rocket Einstein, Tinkerbot and The Lurantis had 0 votes.

Jewel Train: *toots loudly*

Rocket Einstein; *xylophones*

Tinkerbot: How?

Lurantis: TSSES is great, but not TQOSE.

Book: Papa Johns and Specklenose had 1 Vote.

Papa Johns: I made pizza.

Specklenose: Great.

Book: Bolt had 2 votes, so he joins.

Bolt: Yeah, but had a superbark.


Book: The 4th contest is to kill Underminer, GO!!

Underminer: Kill yourself UNDERMINED!!

Elastigirl: I can do it easy.

Rapunzel: Me too.

Bolt: Me three.

Book: Rock Paper Wood lost, again.

Team Order

Robo-Teams Randomy, Bravery, Ball, Elastigirl, Yellow Match, Mountainy.

Mexico Counties Donald Duck, Bolt, Pie, Minecraftian, Toothbrush.

Grand Banks Pillow, Minion, Rapunzel, Cloudy, IHHOS, WALL-E.

Rock Paper Wood Woody, Penny, Match, WALL-E Plush, WALL-E Laptop.

Vote 'em OwO

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