Book: 24 characters, 4 teams. Meet 'em.

Cloudy: Cool.

WALL-E: *Whistles*

Elastigirl: Of course I'm at the object show. Come on, do you want to shop at Elastigirl's, you and me?

Woody: Ehh?

Toothbrush: Wow, the third time.

Donald Duck: I hate Woody.

Penny: That's a keeper.

Yellow Match: OMG, OMG, third chance!

WALL-E Laptop: *sighs*

Match: Let's play Spongy Cake.

Minecraftian: Valley of hunting pigs to feast.

Ball: Wow, that's good.

Minion: How could I have been be in TQOSE?

Pie: It's no big deal either way.

Fanny: I HATE YOU!

Cutiesunflower: I'm so really cute.

Pillow: Great, now what?

Bravery: I'm so brave that I can punch these guys.

6-Ball: *crying*

Ball: I'm here today.

WALL-E Plush: Woah.

Randomy: Hmm, I wonder.

Mountainy: I'm allergic to peanuts.

IHHOS: I hate humanized object shows.

Book: That's all.


Book: The challenge is to juggle the legos. GO!!

Ball: I'm doing it!

Woody: Ehh?

Elastigirl: Tricky, but perfect.

Pillow: Cool.

Donald Duck: *yells*

Book: Mexico Counties lost.

Team Order

Robo-Teams Randomy, Bravery, Ball, Fanny, Yellow Match, Mountainy.

Mexico Counties Donald Duck, Cutiesunflower, Pie, Minecraftian, Fanny, Toothbrush.

Grand Banks Pillow, Minion, Rapunzel, Cloudy, IHHOS, WALL-E.

Rock Paper Wood Woody, Penny, Match, 6-Ball, WALL-E Plush, WALL-E Laptop.

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Character List

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