Spahk: So, Cloudy.

Cloudy: Yeah.

IHHOS: Spahk. Do you want to be friends with us?

Spahk: Yup.

Eraser: Zeap a Cheap.


Eraser: Daisy, Moutainy and Pillow had no votes.

Pillow: Awesome.

Eraser: Wheely and Toothbrush had 1 vote.

Pillow: That means...

Eraser: Taco’s eliminated with 3!

Taco: What the earth was really that bad?!?


Eraser: Spahk?

Spahk: Yeah?

Eraser: I need you to host the challenge at 7 to 10. OK?

Spahk: OK, Eraser.

Spahk: The challenge is a Quiz Show. Go!!

Spahk: Question 1. Olla Xuoop Mullek?

Rapunzel: I don’t understand.

Moutainy: Fannoi Azzer.

Spahk: Yup. One point for Door Zeemp.

Spahk: Question 2. Zalloq Vaccy.

Rapunzel: Spahk.

Spahk: Rapunzel?

Rapunzel: Feenie Chiuweine.

Spahk: You know the funny words. And it’s Feeling Chihuahua. And it’s 1 point.

Spahk: Question 3. What is Paint plus Paper?

Moutainy: Rainbow.

Spahk: Absolutely Correct.

Spahk: Final Question. What OC was created of Spahk?

Moutainy: MrYokai.

Spahk: Yes!!

Spahk: So Door Zeemp’s safe. And *whimpers* my team is up for voting.

Rapunzel: *sighs* Yeah.

Eraser: I’m proud of you.

Team Order

Water Finales 6-Ball, Cloudy, Spahk, Rapunzel, Yellow Match, Flower Lei, IHHOS, Syringe

Door Zeemp Daisy, Mountainy, Wheely, Pillow, Toothbrush

Vote on Water Finales

The poll was created at 16:06 on November 11, 2018, and so far 4 people voted.

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