Rapunzel and Cloudy: I can’t believe I did this! I can’t believe I did this? I can’t believe I did this!

Eraser: I love it! It’s time for Zeap a Cheap. But the debuters will vote for Water Finales.


Eraser: Debuters. Time to Vote.

Henry the Hand: I vote for 6-Ball, Because she’s my opposite.

6-Ball: Great.

Eraser: Next is Princess Ivy.

Princess Ivy: I vote for Cloudy, because he’s black and white.

Cloudy: Aw man.

Loser: I also vote for Cloudy, so he was even curiously.

TNT: Me too.

Eraser: Cloudy, that’s 3 votes.

Eraser: Next is Flower Lei.

Flower Lei: I vote Tweeny.

Tweeny: You’re so dumb!!

Eraser: That’s not nice.

Football, Peppa Pig and Oreo-And-Eeyore: *votes Tweeny*

Eraser: Tweeny’s eliminated. Tweeny, any last words?

Tweeny: I’m sorry. That you guys are so dumb!!!


Rapunzel: Whew.

IHHOS: Let’s be friends with Cloudy.

Rapunzel: OK.

Eraser: We got 4 votes Debuters.

Eraser: Peppa and Flower Lei got 2 votes. So we need a tiebreaker.

Eraser: Rip the paper.

Flower Lei: *rips the paper*

Eraser: Flower Lei debuted.

Flower Lei: Yippee!!

IHHOS: Let’s be friends with Rapunzel and Cloudy.

Flower Lei: If you say so. *goes to Water Finales*


Eraser: The challenge is to cry at the Garden Pot. Go!!

6-Ball: Do you remember when I cry at the 1st season?

Yellow Match: Yup.

Flower Lei: I think I know crying. *crying*

Eraser: Water Finales won!! What a great challenge!!!!

Team Order

Water Finales 6-Ball, Tweeny, Cloudy, Spahk, Rapunzel, Yellow Match, Flower Lei, IHHOS, Syringe

Door Zeemp Taco, Daisy, Mountainy, Mr. Clean, Wheely, Pillow, Toothbrush


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