Eraser: Dead or alive.


Eraser: Syringe is safe with 0.

Syringe: Cool.

Eraser: IHHOS is safe with 1.

IHHOS: I don't believe that who's voting me.

Eraser: Spahk and Toothbrush had 2 votes. We need a tiebreaker.

Eraser: Spahk and Toothbrush, whoever jumps to a chair is safe. Go!

Spahk: Help!!

Eraser: Toothbrush is safe.

Toothbrush: Yippee!

Eraser: And Spahk is eliminated.

Spahk: I did try to compete.


Eraser: The challenge is to climb the wall around 50 feet. GO!!

Syringe: My hands isn't sticky.

Flower Lei: I'm out of breathe.

Toothbrush: Meh.

IHHOS: *zooms to the top*

Eraser: IHHOS, you won the last token.

Vote last the elimination.

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