Eraser: Jams behind of situation.


Eraser: Flower Lei and Syringe are safe with 0.

Flower Lei: I like that canvas.

Syringe: I'm the only one that who's left from BFTROR.

Eraser: Toothbrush is safe with 1.

Toothbrush: Just like the 1st season.

Eraser: IHHOS is safe with 4.

IHHOS: Alliance is not a contest.

Eraser: Wheely is eliminated with 10.

Wheely: I'll make sure I won't let Toothbrush win.


Eraser: The 18th contest is to unclog the whale's blowhole.

Syringe: Meh, but don't know.

Spahk: I can't do it but with my arrow can't.

Toothbrush: What? It's stuck.

IHHOS: How could I do this?

Flower Lei: And... Done.

Eraser: Flower Lei won. UuU

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