Eraser: Hunting about animals in 9 hours ago.


Eraser: IHHOS and Toothbrush had 1 vote.

IHHOS: I hate building TVs.

Toothbrush: So perfect.

Eraser: Pillow eliminated with 2.

Pillow: Show me some respect.


Eraser: We're breaking up the teams.

Eraser: The 15th Challenge is to hunt some moose. The people with the lowest scores are in big trouble. GO!!

Spahk: I have a arrow. *shoots a moose*

Cloudy: I don't have arms.

Syringe: I saw a moose. *shoots a moose*

Daisy: I hate moose!!

Flower Lei: I don't know how to throw a arrow at moose.

Wheely: I can try. *shoots a moose* I did it!

IHHOS: That's good. *shoots a moose*

Toothbrush: I'm very good at it. *shoots a moose*

Eraser: Spahk, Syringe, Wheely, IHHOS and Toothbrush won! OwO

Vote 'em three UwU

The poll was created at 21:02 on January 13, 2019, and so far 2 people voted.

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