Alright, so this is happening. Again. BUT, I'm making some big changes to how this is gonna happen.

1st - NO ONE is getting pngs of the characters i remake. Instead, they'll be included in the episode at parts, similair to how they appear in bfb.

2nd - You can only recommend 1 character per episode, and each episode they'll be 15 slots open for recommended characters.

3rd - I'm only making poses for them if you can supply an asset. No asset, no recommend, thats just how it goes.

4th - If you characters already been done on TFFM Characters, that's fine. I can redo them. Also, you can recommend the same character for multiple episodes.

5th - Like last time, there will be a chance for recommended characters to join the show, but I will not reveal until the end of season 1.

Old RC's

Episode 1

Add characters into the gallery below, and give the asset in the comments.

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