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Magic Orb ♂

BattleReviews - What magic do you have?

Good magic. Not black magic.

Moneybags ♂

BattleReviews - Whats inside you?

Lotsa things! Mostly money, but theres also kitchen utensils, food, animals, pencils, people- I could go on forever!

BattleReviews - Do you have a fear?

Bongos and Politicians. They taste bad.

MrYokaiAndWatch902 - Are you jealous of this? *Pic of Tomato dreaming about kissing Lettuce*

Good for him.

Hivey ♀

BattleReviews - Whats inside you?

Well, whatever's normally in a beehive, I guess... y'know, bees 'n honey...

BattleReviews - Can I taste your honey?

W-wha? Ew, no! T-t-thats super g-gross! Y-you don't just s-say stuff like that to p-people, y'know?

MrYokaiAndWatch902 - Are you jealous of this? *Pic of Tomato dreaming about kissing Lettuce*

WHAT? I-I mean t-t-thats fine, I-I don't l-like him or anyt-thing!

Tomato ♂

BattleReviews - Are you the mascot of TFFM?

Not sure, but I sure hope so!

Triangles ⚥

Cactus ♂

Emoji ♂

U4Again - Do you like memes?


Icicle ♂

CD-Y ♂

BattleReviews - Are you meant to be a CD-I?

Uh, I could be a disc for one, but I'm definetely not the real console. The '-Y' part of my name just runs in the family.

Grave ♂

MrYokaiAndWatch902 - How did you become half zombie?

*grabs paper and pen* I've been like this since birth, albeit I was more brain-hungry and gruesome at birth. Then, Cauldron helped me with what she calls her 'zombo-therapy' that helped me become more person-like.

Question Block ♀

BattleReviews - What's inside you?

Hmm, that's a tough question. Truthfully, it changes almost every day. Sometimes it's a long vine, while other times it's money - on various occasions, it's been people, like Fire Flower. One time, Mushroom came out of me too! Good times indeed.

BrownFamily1108 - What's your favourite number?

Tch tch, what an immature question. I expected MORE from members of this wiki. It's 53, by the way.

Dusty ♂

Bunsen Burner ♂

Cursor ♂

Pills ♀

BattleReviews - What kind of Pills do you have?

W-Well mostly medical pills, I'd say... I've never tried any of the pills inside of me, though...

Seaweed ♂

Yoyo ♂

Bubble Wrap ♂

Snowflake ♀

Glowstick ♀

Shuriken ♂

Magnet ♀

BattleReviews - Are you a real magnet?

Well, duh! Though, it is sorta annoying being one. It demagnetizes all my inventions! Luckily, Triangle is usually quite willing to assist me!

BattleReviews - What inventions do you have?

Well, too many to name! I have thousands, but I think my most notable are my People Fuser, my Ultimate Recovery Center, my various teleportation devices and my robot assistant, Calculator! Jeez, that was a mouthful...

NahuelFire39 - Whats your worst invention?

Well, I made an Object-2-Life machine that made objects that go through come alive, and i used a sort of old conveyor belt. Then, literally - and I'm not joking - every piece of dust came to life. That's how I met Dusty and his 874 septillion siblings. It was pretty crowded.

Oh, t-there was also the h-humanization ray, b-but I-I'd prefer n-not to talk about that.

BattleReviews - Can you fuse with Test Tube?

Oh, Test Tube from Inanimate Insanity? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea , despite myself preferring not to be the test dummy. But yeah, I wonder what we'd become, maybe a Battery or something?

Axe ♂

NahuelFire39 - How would you define your personality?

Hmm, I'd say I'm a bit of a trickster, yet a good person. At least to me.

Bug Net ♂

AwesomeAquamarine - Wanna be friends?

Yeah! I love making new friends!

Mushroom ♂

MrYokaiAndWatch902 - Wanna eat this Pill? (the pill turns mushrooms into split mushrooms)


BattleReviews - Do you want limbs? If so, then take my limb creator!

Pssh, alright Yellow Face.



Broccoli ♀

Cauldron ♀

Mirrory ♀

Baubel ♂

Antique Watch ♂

Sword ♂

Sign ♂

Jewel Ann Estodillo - Hi!


Swiss Roll ♀

Nemolee.exe - Are you actually swiss?

No. I could explain, but I'm a bit tired, so I'll just say that I'm made of jelly and spongecake.

Laclale - What do you taste like?

Oh, I think i just taste of cherry or strawberry, i've never really tasted.

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