Battle for Dream Island Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains

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BFDI: Survivor BFDIS: Heroes VS Villains

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This is the second season of TheEnderRo's BFDI Camp. This camp is also known as first BFDI Heroes vs Villains camp. The name of the season is Battle For Dream Island Survivor - Heroes vs Villains.

Official Characters

The Heroic Hamsters

Eraser - Sandro Shubitidze

Bubble - skipper55506

Leafy - KillaxCool

Pen - friesfan7844 (7th eliminated. Reason was because of what has happened with the user making everyone want to vote him.)

Firey - CelestiaProductions

Gelatin - Spartanjuan Ramirez

Tennis Ball - Roston11 (Eliminated 6th too inactive)

Spongy - harveyarchibald122

Yellow Face - Koolwhip555 (Eliminated 2nd and no possible return due to theenderro disliking this user a lot)

Dora - CoinyBFDI (Eliminated 1st, she was a useless failure)

David - Thatsparkleguy (Eliminated 2nd since he won last season/Rejoined)

The Villanious Vultures

Blocky - YoyleJefferson

Marker - 2000Mrpie

Match - babycakes123tdifan

Coiny - Connor Spalding

Book - MrDoubleTGAngster

Clady - Slainender

Snowball - rj3ful1

Golf Ball - TheNickWatterson (Eliminated 5th because he was disliked a lot by telling everyone who to vote.)

Flower - ToonPrince

Pencil - Jay28jay2

Needle - MysteriousBFDIFan (Eliminated 4th)

Episode 1 - "Heroes vs Villains"

This is the first episode of the season 2. 22 Contestants came and their first challenge was to choose a right way to survive Team Heroic Hamsters lost and Dora was eliminated.

Episode 2 - "Remind me to never trust Trolfaces!"

After Dora's elimination Episode 2 challenge was to catch the trollfaces. Team Heroic Hamsters lost again and David was eliminated due to winning the last season.

Episode 3 - "MysteriousBFDISHVVFan"

Episode 3 was a "Mafia Show" episode. Contestants had to find out who was a killer. And the killer was Marker. Firey won the challenge and Villanous Vultures were up for elimination BUT! Yellow Face was automatically eliminated because he was floater and blocked me from youtube.

Episode 4 - "MysteriousBFDISHVVFan"

Episode 4's challenge was Simon Says, But unfortenatly it was canceled due to Balloon's evilness.. Characters had to catch the stupid Balloon. And Eraser won and got immunity, Villanous Vultures were up for elimination. Golf Ball got the boot (Because she was way to bossy and she told people to vote Book) she got 13 votes which is the most ever!

Episode 5 - "Bridge Crossing"

In Episode 5 there was a new teams (6 teams of 3). The challenge was bridge crossing, Coiny's team won (Coiny, Match and Marker were immune) and others were up for elimination. Flower and Needle were tie in a 5-5 and Flower won, Needle left.

Episode 6 - "Aftermath - DodgeGolfBall"

Episode 6 was Aftermath show, one of eliminated contestant was going to join the game.. which was David!

Episode 7 - "Friday the 22nd"

in Episode 7(Teams Heroes and Villains back) escaped killer tried to rule the BFDISHVV Show, contestants had to stop the killer and Pencil was the one who killed "Retared Evil BloodJuice(Killer)" and he won for the team Villanious Vultures. Tennis Ball was eliminated with 5 votes.

Episode 8 - "Alliances, Alliances...."

In the episode 8 contestants had to play a dodgeball. Team Villanous Vultures won again! and Heroic Hamsters were up for elimination, Pen and Flower had the 4 votes but pen lost the tie breaker so he was eliminated.

Episode 9 - "Oh Gosh! This is way to hard."

Episode 9's challenge was obsclate course (which was pretty hard) Book won for a team and got an immunity token. Heroic Hamsters were up for elimination BUT Gelatin was eliminated for blocking me >:(. 

Episode 10 - "Eat, If you want to win!!!"

In Episode 10 there were new teams (3 teams). Team Epic, Team Just Shut Up and Team Yoyle Cake. their challenge was to eat tacos (however they could not eat more then 30 tacos) team epic lost and were up for elimination. Coiny was eliminated by 3 votes and david was safe by 2.

Elimination Table

# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
1 Dora 8 Episode 1 22nd
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
2 David 6 Returns in Ep7 --
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
3 Y.F A-E Episode 3 21th
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
4 G.B 13 Episode 4 20th
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
5 Needle 5(tie) Episode 5 19th
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
6 T.B 5 Episode 7 18th
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
6 Pen 4 Episode 8 17th
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
7 Gelaitn A-E Episode 9 16th
# Name  Votes Episode Eliminated Place Non-merged
8 Coiny 3 Episode 10 15th
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