Battle for Dream Island: Survivor

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TheEnderRo's Channel


TheEnderRo (Nick Killson)

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Fresh TV Inc./Teletoon


Team "Aww Seriously"

Team "No-Name"


BFDI: Survivor

BFDI: Heroes VS Villains (Upcoming season)

Total Episodes


Official Characters

Team "Aww Seriously?!"

(Captain) David - ThatSparkleGuy

Eraser - sandro shubitidze

Spongy - harveyarchibald122

Golf Ball - TheNickWatterson

Match - CoinyBFDI

Yellow Face - Jetpackteddy  

Team No-Name

(Captain) Leafy - KillaXCool

Dora - Koolwhip555

Flower - ToonPrince

Pen - friesfan7844

Coiny - MysteriousBFDIFan

Pencil - Jay28jay2

Debuted (No Team)

Clady - Slainender


Participant Team Status Placing  
Yellow Face Aww Seriously 1st Voted Out
in Episode 3
13th Place
Dora No-name 2nd Voted Out
in Episode 4
12th Place
Match A

ww Seriously

3rd Voted Out
in Episode 5
11th Place
Spongy A

ww Seriously

4th Voted Out
in Episode 6
10th Place
Golf Ball

Aww Seriously

5th Voted Out
in Episode 7
9th Place
Pencil No-Name 6th Voted Out
in Episode 11
8th Place 
Leafy NNo-Name 7th Voted Out
in Episode 11
7th Place
Eraser AAww Seriously 8th Eliminated
in Episode 13
6th Place
Coiny No-Name 9th Voted Out
in Episode 14
5th Place

10th Voted out

in Episode 15

4th Place
Flower No-name

11th Voted out

in Episode 15

3rd Place
Pen Aww Seriously

Runner up 

in Episode 15

David No-Name


in Episode 15


Episode 1 - "Beginning"  (Non-Elimination)

Episode 2 - "Find the Trailers! Rawr!" 

Episode 3 - "No-Name" 

Episode 4 - "Hunger Games: Together" 

Episode 5 - '"Moron Adventures" 

Episode 6 - "Yellow Ball Says"

Episode 7 - "She's Coming" Part 1

Episode 8 - "She's Coming" Part 2 

Episode 9 - "Not So Yummy Cakes"

Episode 10 - "Infection"

Episode 11 - "Not So Big Race"

Episode 12 - "6teen"

Episode 13 - "Misadventures of Eliminated Contestants"

Episode 14 - "Losers are Runners"

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