The Beginning is the first episode of The ButterBlaziken Show!’s first season. It starts off the long story of ButterBlaziken230’s objects.


[the episode starts with a rock flying through space]

Narrator: Everything has a beginning. Everything has a start. So it would only be fitting for this story to have a beginning. So, let’s begin. [the camera cuts to the rock heading towards Earth] This world that you’re looking at right now is the Object World; a place where all of the objects live their lives. However, since it is natural for people to disagree (even objects), an argument broke out. Unknowny, a being of pure evil, was created due to the massive arguments, and taught them a lesson by dividing the objects. The objects of the world now live in anarchy, separated from each other. What could they possibly do to bring the world back together?

[scene cuts to a part of the object world]

Onion Ringy: Life can get so boring in this part of the world, can’t it?

Zipper: I know it sucks that we have to be in a place like this, but why are you even still trying to argue?

Onion Ringy: Because I’m annoyed.

Zipper: Well, tell that to Unknowny. He’s a being of pure evil, remember? Who knows what powers he has?

Alien Monitor: According to my calculations, Unknowny has a lot of strong attacks, like glitching things.

Zipper: Who asked YOU?

Alien Monitor: Looks like someone doesn’t want my help.

Onion Ringy: Well, I just realised - the food in the fridge has been disappearing recently.

Alien Monitor: Maybe you ate it?

Onion Ringy: I-it wasn’t that, idiot! The food has literally been disappearing. Lemme check on it now. [nothing’s in the fridge] ARGH! Nothing’s in there!

Zipper: Fatso.

Onion Ringy: No joke - this is weird!

Alien Monitor: Well, it would be a good idea to start growing our own food now.

Onion Ringy: How do we do that?

Alien Monitor: I have some memory of how to grow food. Since I now have no connection to the internet, my knowledge is pretty limited.

Onion Ringy: Well, what have you got?

Alien Monitor: Step 1 - put a seed in the ground. Luckily, I have a seed on me.

Zipper: Put it in, then.

Alien Monitor: I’m doing that. Step 2 - water the plant. That’s easy, since we live near a river.

Zipper: But how will you get the water across? Explain that.

Alien Monitor: Well, we can use the fridge to put the water inside, almost like a container. That’s our only option.

Zipper: Okay. [she tries to lift it, but fails] Darn!

Alien Monitor: I can do it. [he lifts it, walks to the nearby river, and scoops up water. Then, he comes back] I have our water.

Onion Ringy: It doesn’t need all that!

Alien Monitor: I’ll give it water in small doses. This way we can grow some berries or something, I don’t know.


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