Questions is the seventh episode in the first season of The ButterBlaziken Show!. It involves Green Domino asking people questions.


Green Domino: Hey, The 100th OC! How’s it feel being the 100th OC?

The 100th OC: Pretty good, actually.

Green Domino: What do you mean?

The 100th OC: What?

Green Domino: What?

The 100th OC: Uhh, what?


The 100th OC: Jeez! No need to shout. I won’t answer then.

Green Domino: I’ll go ask Alien Monitor since he would know the answer.

The 100th OC: But he-

[Green Domino goes to him]

Green Domino: Hey, Alien Monitor! How do you think The 100th OC feels to be the 100th?

Alien Monitor: Hmmm.... I’ll calculate that. She feels very important, but still has her limits.

The 100th OC: How. Do. You. KNOW!?

Alien Monitor: Scanning your body!

The 100th OC: What would that do?

Green Domino: What?

The 100th OC: Green Domino, stop being so stupid! Also, Alien Monitor, the line in your line graph is decreasing.

Alien Monitor: Oh! I need a drink then.

Green Domino: Uhh, what does the going down thingy mean?

The 100th OC: He probably needs a drink, dummy.

Green Domino: Oh right! Yeah, I know now. I’m so super smart and nobody can beat me! Hahaha.

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