Sadness is the sixth episode of The ButterBlaziken Show!’s first season. It involves some of ButterBlaziken230’s depressed characters talking about their lives.


Blue Pole: Life sucks, doesn’t it?

Canned Goomba: Sure can, can’t it?

Blue Pole: At least people like you understand. Most people are idiots.

Canned Goomba: The only person who’s stupid is Bacteria Splat. He’s so annoying, and for no good reason!

Blue Pole: I’ve seen him around. He looks like a complete idiot.

Canned Goomba: He sure is, Blue Pole.

[scene cuts to Mechanical Claw looking at them]

Mechanical Claw: Maybe I could be friends with them, maybe not. 3 people isn’t a good amount. I’ll give it a shot.

[he walks over]

Mechanical Claw: Hey. What you doing?

Blue Pole: Talking about how the world sucks.

Mechanical Claw: I think that too.

Canned Goomba: Really? My life is ruined by Bacteria Splat.

Blue Pole: Have you seen that imbecile anywhere?

Mechanical Claw: No, but I’m in good terms with Evil Blaster’s Alliance. I could arrange a beating for that twerp.

Canned Goomba: Sounds good!

[the episode ends with the camera zooming out]

Narrator: Looks like their depression is cured! Even the horrible people can find their happiness.


  • There may be a second part where Bacteria Splat is beaten up.
  • This is the first episode to feature a narrator.
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