Attacked is the fifth episode of The ButterBlaziken Show!. It involves Latvia being involved in a fight with Evil Blaster’s Alliance.


[the episode begins with Latvia walking down a path and sitting on a hill. She pulls out a book and starts reading, when Spike pushes it out of the way]

Spike: Haha! Nerd.

Latvia: Hey! Who are you?

Spike: I’m Spike. NOT nice to meet you!

Latvia: Really?

Spike: Yeah! You suck!

Latvia: What makes you think that?

Spike: Because you were reading a book.

Blue Tetramino: And, as ya’ know, books are lame!

Latvia: Dunno who you are, but so are you!

[Spike falls over in shock]

Blue Tetramino: Spike, she’s kidding. She’s just so flipping dumb that she comes out with things that aren’t true!

Spike: I’m getting Evil Blaster.

Latvia: Shoot.

Smash Bros Logo: [appears out of nowhere] Oh no you don’t! [he kicks them with full force, showing the Smash Ultimate death screen. They get flung into the distance]

Latvia: Whoa! How did you do that?

Smash Bros Logo: Doesn’t matter. I got you, girl.

Latvia: Thanks for saving my life, basically.

Smash Bros Logo: No problem.

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