Stuck Under is the fourth episode of the first season of The ButterBlaziken Show!. It involves Strawberry Juice getting stuck underground.


[she wakes up]

Strawberry Juice: Wha? Why am I here?

UNO Card: Hi there!

Strawberry Juice: AARGGHHH!

UNO Card: Jeez, no need to scream.

Strawberry Juice: Where am I?

UNO Card: This is a mine that me and my friend Carroty made!

Strawberry Juice: Okay, got that down. But WHY AM I HERE!?

UNO Card: I don’t know. Although I did hear that Blue Tetramino kicked you down here.

Strawberry Juice: That only raises more questions. HOW AM I ALIVE!?

UNO Card: Magic Ink Drop, one of our friends, healed you! Follow me to meet them.

Strawberry Juice: Okay then.

[they walk through the cave and find Carroty and Magic Ink Drop mining]

Carroty: Oh, hello! You must be Strawberry Juice.

Magic Ink Drop: Hey. I’m the guy that saved your life.

Strawberry Juice: Wow! That was really nice of you! Also, hello Carroty!

Carroty: Hey. Wanna come mining with me?

Strawberry Juice: Yeah.

[scene cuts to them mining]

Carroty: So then he said, “But the people in their cars are smiling at me!”

Strawberry Juice: Hahahahaha! You’re really funny! Wanna be friends?

Carroty: Yep.

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