Swimming is the third episode in the pilot of The ButterBlaziken Show!. This episode involves some of the characters going swimming at a water park.


Red Spoon: Nothing like going for a swim, isn’t it, Blue Spoon?

Blue Spoon: Yeah, the water’s pretty cold, but it cools you down from the heat of getting here.

Red Spoon: It’s really refreshing! Ha-Ha.

Blue Spoon: Look! There’s a slide there! Wanna go down it?

Red Spoon: Yeah.

[scene cuts to them at the top of the slide]

Red Spoon: Ooh, it’s a bit high...

Blue Spoon: Don’t worry baby, I’m here!

Red Spoon: I’ll go down then. Wheeeee!

[she slides down into the water]

Blue Spoon: My turn! Yayyyy!

[he slides down too]

Red Spoon: Argh! You splashed me!

Blue Spoon: Hahaha! Sorry...

Red Spoon: What to do now?

Blue Spoon: Well, maybe we can go to the deeper end and jump in! What do you say?

Red Spoon: I’d do it, but I’m not the best swimmer. I could have trouble getting to the edge.

Blue Spoon: Okay, I’ll do it a bit shallower. Just for you, baby!

Red Spoon: Thanks. [she blushes]

[they get to the part where they jump in]

Red Spoon: Yahoo!

Blue Spoon: Yay!

[they jump in, making a big splash]

Red Spoon: That was fun!

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