Toy Cars is the second episode in the pilot of The ButterBlaziken Show! It involves Sprinkle showing Pea his collection of toy cars.


Sprinkle: Hey, Pea!

Pea: What’s up?

Sprinkle: Wanna see my collection of toy cars?

Pea: Sure!

[he gets a bag, and unloads the contents on the floor]

Pea: Whoa! That’s a lot.

Sprinkle: So this red one was the first one I got. It’s rusty nowadays, so it’s pretty slow.

Pea: Yeah, the wheels are kinda brown.

Sprinkle: Next I got this grey one. It is still in pretty good condition.

Pea: Nice!

Sprinkle: Wanna play with them?

Pea: Sure.

[a montage of them playing with them starts]

Sprinkle: Drift around there!

Pea: Whee!! [he turns it around]

[it then goes to another part]

Pea: We’re gonna crash!

Sprinkle: Oh no!!

Pea: Argh!!

Sprinkle: Hee hee.

[the montage stops, when Glovey comes, and looks down on them]

Glovey: What are you doing?

Sprinkle: Playing with Cars!

Glovey: Cool.

[Glovey walks forward, and accidentally steps on Pea]

Sprinkle: GLOVEY!!

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