Exploding is the first episode in the pilot of The ButterBlaziken Show! It involves Electrodey showing people how to explode.


Electrodey: Okay, so I can explode!

Fireball: Well, do it!

Electrodey: Can’t do it if you tell me.

Fireball: Then when will you do it?

Electrodey: I don’t know.

Fireball: Well I don’t believe you!

[he flies away]

Electrodey: I gotta find a way to explode!

[he runs over to him and Chimney]

Electrodey: Hey Fireball! Wanna go in a haunted house with me?

Fireball: Sure! I’m into thrill.

Chimney: Can I come?

Fireball: Sure. Are you alright with that?

Electrodey: Yeah! Let’s go.

[they walk down the street, and find a haunted house]

Fireball: Here it is.

Chimney: Are you sure you wanna do this?

Electrodey: Okay!

Chimney: Really sure?

Electrodey: Totally!

[they go in, and while walking through, a Zomball appears]


Electrodey: AHHHHHHHHHH!

[he explodes, leaving a destroyed house]

Fireball: So, he really can explode.

Chimney: Huh.

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