Thank you Dollar and gregory

TACO is not my name

"Thank you Euro and Gregory!" - Cone
"Thats not, our names." - Dollar & George
"TACO" is not an official name, the name has either been given by fans, or was what the character was referred to by others.

Terrific and Crazy Objects, better known as T.A.C.O. is an object show created by AdventureTime361. The show is considered the sister show to Object Olympic as AdventureTime361 is the brother of ObjectOlympicOfficial and some of the TACO contestants were previously on Object Olympic. Toblerone and Baby Toblerone were based off a drawing AdventureTime361 did about a family of broken-off pieces of Toblerone chocolate.


The Mighty Choclates

  1. Toblerone - Male
  2. iPhone X - Male
  3. Dynamite - Male
  4. Fireball - Male
  5. Jack o' Lantern - Male
  6. Macaroon - Male
  7. Black Pen - Male
  8. CPAP - Male
  9. Baby Toblerone - Female
  10. Diaper - Female
  11. Bowl - Female
  12. Magazine - Female
  13. Berry - Female
  14. Bubblewrap - Female
  15. HPHPRCC - Female
  16. Locky - Female

Something Stupid

  1. Cyan Pickaxe - Male
  2. Cornucopia - Male
  3. Marshmallow Fluff - Male
  4. Mattress - Male
  5. Coyote - Male
  6. Hamburger - Male
  7. Challah - Male
  8. Axe - Male
  9. Marshmallow Fluff Jr. - Female
  10. S'more - Female
  11. Yarn - Female
  12. Signy - Female
  13. Cookie - Female
  14. Magnet - Female
  15. Jam - Female
  16. Frappuccino - Female


  • Fish Taco(HOST)
  • Bamboo(Debuter)


  1. Tight-rope walking across a volcano(Tight-Rope Melting)
  2. Hot-dog eating contest(Munch, munch, munch!)
  3. Writing a story(Hey, Gordon Korman! This is what I do for recognition so maybe reply to my $@&#ing tweets!)
  4. Showing cool space info(U.F.Oh, I didn't know that)
  5. Talent show(TACO's Got Talent)
  6. Make a 3-course meal... badly(3-choke meal)
  7. Russian Roulette(Wildnerfers)
  8. Chutes and Ladders(Wrestling with the Injuries)
  9. Find as much lollipops as you can(ARRBUGHAHEENFNK!)
  10. Carve a pumpkin(Pumpkin Gutters)
  11. Butt painting(Buttsterpiece)
  12. Reveal the secret of Object Malice(The Lost Show)
  13. Find a lost record(Mystery of the Lost Music)
  14. All the previous challenges up Episode 14(TMHUT3WWAPBTM)
  15. Hack into a bank vault(Robbing Objects)
  16. Find the Announcer from BFDI(Mechanical Mystery)
  17. Round up the eliminated contestants(Stop Them!)
  18. Run a circus(Big Top TACO)
  19. Beat a video game in real life(TACO: The Video Game)
  20. Various casino games(Casino TACO)
  21. The fourth contest from Object Terror(P to the 4th: TACO Edition)
  22. Make a song and preform it(TACO Idol)


  • This show has more infant contestants than any other object show.
  • Toblerone and Baby Toblerone originally came from a drawing made in 2013 called 'Meet the Toblerones!'.
  • Marshmallow Fluff & Marshmallow Fluff Jr. also came from a drawing called 'Meet the Marshys!'.
  • Mattress is the largest object show character ever created.
  • The show's logo is the same as Taco's voting sign from IFDB.
  • In 2018, ObjectOlympicOfficial made a crossover object show called Battle of Objects(BOO), where the contestants of TACO and OO along with 5 new characters battle together.
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