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T-600 are the Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer units in Jacknjellify's Terminator.



The T-600 has three modes of operation: direct, automatic and autonomous. The T-600 can be directed by Skynet defense computers like soldiers in a war game, it can react automatically to a wide variety of preprogrammed conditions, or the individual units can be relinquished to their own control and act independently for months on end, combing the ruins on extended search and destroy missions.

The T-600 is usually seen armed with a (presumably) Skynet-upgraded variant of the modern-day M-134 minigun, which seems to be not hardwired and mounted onto the T-600's arm. Some of the T-600 Terminators, such as the T-600, have equipped with a grenade launcher on their left arms.

On some occasions, the T-600 would carry other weapons, such as F-2000 instead of a minigun. Though not accurate, the minigun delivers a lot of fire power, as seen when a T-600 is in pursuit of Marcus and Kyle. T-600s have been known to play dead to lure humans into a false sense of security and then attack. It will also shoot off its own limbs if it becomes trapped.

A T-600 features electromagnetic cores built into their joint to help reassemble themselves if arms or legs are blown off the main body.

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