Switch Dock is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Switch Dock is a dock for the Nintendo Switch that is used to put the screen into it so the user can play the game on their TV. There is a large gap for the switch screen to go, and a Nintendo Switch logo on the front. Switch Dock is an armless character, meaning he only has legs.


Switch Dock can get into rages over the simplest things. He cares about the little things in life too much, causing him to get angry over something. He is very disliked among the other objects because of his rages, but there are people who support him, like Chocolate Square. Switch Dock was annoyed by Evil Blaster’s Alliance, but when he once demonstrated a rage, they backed off.


  • He likes Geology.
    • Switch Dock has a shop were he sells rocks that he found underground, too.
  • He despises Roblox, because he thinks it’s babyish (even though it isn’t).
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