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Survivor: BFB is the first season of Survivor: BFB, a fanfiction hosted on Wattpad by WolfNinja1225 (IAmWolfNinja on the wiki.) If you're interested in reading the story, here's a link to it.


Hidden Immunity Idols: A Hidden Immunity Idol is hidden at each camp. It can be played before the votes are read to nullify all votes cast against said player.


Castaway Original


Finish Votes
Book Ouro 1st Voted Out

Day 3

Nickel intro
Nickel Ouro 2nd Voted Out

Day 6

Balloony BFB Intro
Balloony Diamant
Blocky intro bfb
Blocky Diamant
Flower BFB
Flower Diamant
37px-Needle 8
Needle Diamant
Pillow BTB
Pillow Diamant
Woody dab
Woody Diamant
Eraser intro
Eraser Ouro
Liy BFB-0
Liy Ouro
Snowball BFB Intro
Snowball Ouro 2
Taco intro 2
Taco Ouro 2
Clock BTB
Clock Rubis
Donut wiki pose
Donut Rubis
Golf Ball Rubis
Pencil intro 2
Pencil Rubis
Teardrop Rubis
Tree Rubis
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